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How to collect your horse’s tail hair.

You will need:

Sharp scissors

Couple of elastic bands

Tail brush


Tail hair is preferred as mane hair doesn’t have the same length and strength as the tail. You may want to take the bulk of the section from the underneath so it is not too noticeable. If possible wash and dry the tail first.

  1. Brush the out the tail.  It is much easier to remove the knots from the hair while it is still attached to the horse. Please ensure tail is dry before cutting and sending.

  2. Grab an amount about as thick as your finger from the bottom of the tail and lift section shaking loose the shorter hairs as you go. The shorter hairs can not be used and are better off staying on your horse. You can use the brush to push the shorter hairs away by brushing back up the hair, a bit like teasing your hair.

  3. Trim tail hair as close to the tail bone as possible and place elastic band around cut end as soon as it is trimmed keeping it all together.

  4. If your horse’s tail has different colours in it (many are lighter on top) you may wish to take a few thinner samples as well but they still need to be the same length as the rest of the hair. Use the same method for each sample and elastic band each separately.  The sun bleached sections if long enough can add wonderful highlights to your finished product.

  5. Once sections are collected place into a zip lock bag with your name and address, horses name and item required and wrist measurement. If using hair from different horses please put into separate bags.


Please ensure sections are neat and not twisted or tangled as I am unable to work with untidy hair.


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